Become an Owner

True ownership of a one-of-a kind multi-million dollar vacation home.

With Tides fractional ownership, you have true ownership of a one-of-a-kind, multi-million dollar vacation home. This is similar to a group of family members or friends investing in a home together, except that the home is professionally managed by a developer.

As an owner of a Tides Fraction you become a true owner of a second home with an elite group of like-minded members.  With Tides fractional ownership, you enjoy benefits similar to those of whole ownership, including potential appreciation of the asset, certain tax advantages, passing on to heirs, gifting of the home, ability to sell your share, etc.

Statistics have shown that most second home owners use their vacation home an average of 30 days or less each year. Fractional ownership is a cost-effective solution that spreads the cost of ownership among a group of owners, provides a high level of freedom of use, and eliminates the headaches of maintenance that are inherent in second homes that are wholly owned.

See the FAQ section for more details, or Contact directly at: 305.587.0268.

Come by land, sea or air!

By Land

Tides is also easy driving distance from Miami - just 2.5 - 3 hours.

Enjoy the drive down over the network of bridges and islands that afford breathtaking views of both the Atlantic and Gulf.

By Sea

With 3 feet of control depth at mean low tide, you may choose to come by sea!

With ample dockage for large boats, the private boat basin allows excellent harborage.

By Air

Tides is just 20 minutes from Key West International airport, with service by several major airlines.

There are even seaplane charter companies that can deliver you to directly to your dock!